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Trivia / Star Trek S1 E21 “The Return of the Archons”

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Gene Roddenberry named this as one of his ten favourite episodes.
  • Prop Recycling: The doors to the Hall of Audiences were a reuse of doors previously seen in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"
  • Recycled Set: The location scenes for this episode were filmed at the 40 Acres backlot in Culver City, the same place where "Miri" was shot. Best known for their use as Mayberry in The Andy Griffith Show, the sets on this section of the backlot were originally constructed to portray 19th century Atlanta for Gone with the Wind.
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  • What Could Have Been: A subplot involving Lindstrom falling in love with a local girl was cut from the episode's final draft script.
  • Working Title: The Perfect World, Paradise XML, Visit to Paradise, and Landru's Paradise.
  • You Look Familiar: Jon Lormer (Tamar) had previously appeared as Dr. Theodore Haskins in "The Menagerie".


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