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  • Banned From MTV: The video for "Worlock" because all the film clips are the nasty bits from various horror flicks.
  • Creator Breakdown: Last Rights and The Process; the former was written and recorded when Nivek Ogre's heroin addiction pretty much reached critical mass and the lyrics reflect this. The Process meanwhile was a major debacle as far as keyboardist Dwayne Goettel's own heroin addiction ultimately overwhelming him and ultimately taking his life, as well as massive squabblings with the band and its label and climaxing with cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre dissolving the band over the two being divided on whether or not to produce the mainstream Nine Inch Nails-type album that the label was demanding from them.
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  • Deleted Song: "Left Handshake", (aka "Song 10"), omitted from their "Last Rights" album because they couldn't get permission to use a lengthy sample of Timothy Leary's voice (Leary himself was fine with it, incidentally, but he did not own the rights to the sample). The original CD shipped with track 10 clocking in at 0:00 and with the liner notes reading SONG 10 IS MISSING? It later surfaced as a limited-edition single and has since been widely bootlegged.
  • Development Hell: hanDover languished here for quite some time.
    • The Process was originally set for release in late 1993. It didn't see the light of day until 1996, no thanks due to the Troubled Production.
  • Follow the Leader: The Lighter and Softer sound of The Process was intended by American Recordings to capitalize on the success of Nine Inch Nails.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Again, The Process.
  • Troubled Production: The Process

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