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  • Fan Translation: In the case of SUGURI and Acceleration of SUGURI plus the X-Edition expansion pack. Sara Jessica Leen originally worked on English patches for these games prior to her initial employment with Rockin' Android and making the localizations official.
  • Follow the Leader: Acceleration of SUGURI was released shortly a few months after Senko no Ronde debuted at arcades in Japan in 2006.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • Sora has an early-bird appearance in Acceleration of SUGURI as an unlockable character, however, her own game was in development at the time of Acceleration of SUGURI's release. A teaser of the sora can be also unlocked through her her Extra story. Sora's game was released in 2010 in Japan, followed by a butchered English release by an Internet troll in 2012, but was rescued and properly localized by Fruitbat Factory in 2016.
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    • Also, QP in Acceleration of SUGURI was originally a Guest Fighter from another Orange_Juice game, QP Shooting. Her game however never made it to the West, thus making this game her debut to Westerners for years until her sequel, QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!!, which was also localized by Fruitbat Factory.
  • No Export for You:
    • This series averted this thanks to Rockin' Android for localizing the entire series to the United States and through digital distribution services like GamersGate and Direct2Drive. They have also produced a compilation release of the series with SUGURI - Perfect Edition, which includes the English versions SUGURI and Acceleration of SUGURI along with its expansion pack, and the original soundtracks for both games, all in a single disc. For those that missed the opportunity of picking up the Perfect Edition collection, these games and their soundtracks are also available through Steam.
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    • Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition has later made its way into DESURA for a time, along with other titles localized by Rockin' Android such as the Gundemonium Series, Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils, QUALIA, and Flying Red Barrel ~A Diary of Little Aviator~.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Sara Leen originally made Fan Translation patches for the SUGURI series. Her translation and programming abilities eventually got her a job working as Rockin' Android's translator and programmer until they laid her off the company, however she now works with XSEED Games.
  • Remade for the Export: Due to Sony's continual disdain for 2D games with visuals that appear weak to them, Rockin' Android enlisted the help of Keiko Sakurai to rework all the character artwork and sprites of Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition to make them appealing to Sony.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Suguri Wiki.


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