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QP Shooting is a vertical doujin cute 'em up game produced by Orange Juice, released for Windows PC during Comiket 66 on August 15, 2004. This was the first game developed by the circle and first entry of their "speed shoot 'em up" line of games.

The story is set in a modern-day setting and plot revolves the titular QP, a happy-go-lucky dog girl who was leisurely humming as she tends to some errands at the local convenience store one day, hoping to find something delicious. At the store, stops something that caught her eye: some newly released pudding. QP was quickly heartbroken to find out that she didn't have any money at all to buy it, but after looking through her pockets, she finds a mysterious 500 Yen in her pocket. Without a second thought, she quickly purchased the pudding from the store and took it home, but when she arrived home and found out it was already dinner time, QP decided to save it for tomorrow. The next day, however, she wakes up to find her precious pudding missing, and in its place was a letter telling her that if she wants her pudding back, she must find the mysterious thief. Determined to get her pudding back, QP along with her friend Rbit, she sets out to find the culprit and rescue her sweet dessert.


Like many vertical shooters of its kind, players control QP as she shoots down various cutesy enemies that stand in her way on her quest to reclaim her pudding, and score points along the way. However, there are some features of this game features to stand out from other shooters in the genre. QP herself can use and acquire various "formations" that Rbit can take form for various situations, such as a frontal spread shot, a standard focus shot, a rear two-way shot, an orbiting shot, a "sword" formation, and many others, which can be purchased from the Usa Room by spending Usa Points earned from each session. It also features a chain-based scoring system where gathering point items without letting the chain meter deplete will steadily build your score bonus as more of these items are collected. After filling the Hyper Meter by collecting point items from defeated enemies and canceling their bullets, QP can go into a Hyper Mode which boosts her attack power and increases score bonuses, however, it can end prematurely if she takes damage while in Hyper Mode but it will also save her from losing a life. The game features a Story Mode where stages can be played one-by-one with dialogue between stages and bosses, and an Arcade Mode where all stages are played in succession.


During the Christmas season of the same year, Orange_Juice released a short but free (and brutally hard) expansion pack called Xmas Shooting, which centers around Aru, a bunny girl serving as an apprentice to Santa Claus, who, on the night of Christmas Eve, has discovered that all the presents were mysterious stolen. Santa however caught a glimpse of the culprit, which he believes is someone with bunny ears similar to Aru, in which Aru takes her partner reindeer partner Rein with her to track down the thief get back the stolen presents on time for Christmas. Unfortunately, neither QP and Xmas Shooting however have not seen an English release, official or otherwise. A translated plot summary of the former for the curious however can be found here. Many characters from QP Shooting would go on to be featured in the crossover virtual board game, 100% Orange Juice!, and the RPG game, 200% Mixed Juice, along with characters Orange_Juice's later titles such SUGURI, sora, and Flying Red Barrel. QP also made an appearance in Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition as the final boss of one of its story scenarios and as an unlockable character. There was also QP Kiss, a freeware boy's love dating sim parody game by Orange_Juice that used to be available from their website during April Fools' Day until the downloads where removed, which featured gender-bent versions of characters from QP Shooting and SUGURI.

In 2012, the game received a sequel with QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!!, released during Comiket 83. The plot of this installment revolves around the existence of pudding suddenly vanishing, and any memory of the existence of pudding being wiped from everyone in the world besides QP strangely, who sets out to find the cause of this phenomenon and search for any trace of pudding. QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! retains many aspects of its predecessor, however it features three unique playstyles for QP's Hyper Mode: Orthodox, Defensive, or Aggressive. Unlike its predecessor, QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! was localized by Fruitbat Factory in 2016 through Steam and DRM-free directly from their website. Likewise, Xmas Shooting received a remake with X-Mas Shooting - SCRAMBLE!! released on August 23, 2015 during Comiket 88, and was also localized by Fruitbat Factory.

The QP Shooting series features examples of:

  • An Ass-Kicking Christmas: Xmas Shooting and its remake, which involves Santa Claus' apprentice Aru, along with her partner Rein, shooting things up to reclaim the stolen Christmas presents.
  • Art Evolution: Between the 8-year gap between the first QP Shooting and its sequel, this series seen substantial improvement in visual department and character art.
  • Big Girl, Little Girl: Tomato and Mimyuu respectively.
  • Cute But Psycho: Syura from the sequel, who might appear as your typical ditzy otaku at first glance, but there has been rumors that she is also a whackjob demon with powers greater than Hell itself. Syura's name can also be translated as "bloodshed" and "carnage".
  • Difficulty Levels: QP Shooting and its sequel has an Easy, Normal, Hard, and Super difficulty, whereas the X-Mas Shooting expansion has none and thrusts players on the hardest set of levels.
  • Excited Show Title!: The game's sequel and remake
  • Game-Breaking Bug: The original QP Shooting and X-Mas Shooting unfortunately have poor compatibility with modern Windows operating systems and crashes before the game could even start unless you can find the right DirectX wrappers to side-step this issue.
  • Guest Fighter: QP made her way into Acceleration of SUGURI's X-Edition expansion pack as the final boss of the "Pudding Deity" story and secret bonus character, which for many of those that played the English version released by Rockin' Android, was likely their first introduction to QP and her home series.
  • Little Bit Beastly: There are some animal girls across these games, such as a dog girl (QP), bunny girl (Aru), and a cat girl (Yuki).
  • MacGuffin: In QP Shooting, it's QP's cup of pudding. In X-Mas Shooting, it's the stolen Christmas presents.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Kyosuke from QP Kiss appears as boss in QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!!, who, after his HP hits a low threshold, begins to use his Cast Off as his FINAL ATTACK.
  • Multiple Endings: QP Shooting has three possible endings, a "Good", "Normal", and "Bad" ending.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: QP has Rbit while Aru has Rein as their animal side-kick.
  • Old Save Bonus:
    • For players of the original QP Shooting, it is possible to transfer any leftover Usa Points from their save file and bring them into the sequel.
    • Owning QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! and QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! on Steam will unlock QP (Dangerous) and Aru (Scramble) respectively for the Steam version of 100% Orange Juice.
  • Protagonist Title: QP's name is on the title of this series.
  • Real-Time Weapon Change: Done in two ways: For Operation Mode A, there's a Formation Switch button that will cycle through Formations A-C, while Operation Mode B, each Formation have their own dedicated button to switch to.
  • Super Mode: After filling the Hyper Meter, QP and Aru can enter Hyper Mode to boost their damage out and score bonuses, but Hyper Mode can end prematurely if they take a hit from enemy fire or obstaces, however they won't lose a life if they take damage in Hyper Mode.
  • Something About a Rose: Kyosuke in QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! attacks the player with rose-themed attacks, and when he enters his Final Attack, a huge rose is seen behind him as unleashes his it.
  • Spread Shot: And in various directions, such a frontal spread shot, a side-ways spread shot, and a rear spread.
  • Turns Red: Many of the boss will employ more difficult bullet patterns and attacks as their life meter reaches a certain threshold, accompanied with a Super Move Portrait Attack during their "FINAL ATTACK".
  • Updated Re-release : The overseas version of QP Shooting - DANGEROUS!! and X-Mas Shooting - SCRAMBLE!! feature some quality-of-life improvements such as higher resolution graphics, Xbox 360 controller support, and native keyboard remapping.
  • Video Game Remake: X-Mas Shooting - SCRAMBLE!! is a modernized remake of the original X-Mas Shooting, however it is a commercial standalone instead of a free expansion.


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