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  • Creator's Favorite: Jann Wenner definitely has his favorites among the acts who appear on the cover. The Beatles (or any of the individual members, the most frequent being Paul McCartney), The Rolling Stones, U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan still regularly appear every few years or so. Some of them appear when they release a new album, even though their current music is nowhere near as relevant as their earlier work.
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  • Follow the Leader: While not the first rock magazine it did become the leading magazine in its genre. Many other rock magazines have tried to model their style after theirs and reprinted articles and interviews they published first. Some of the most famous rock journalists and authors in the world have been launched by "Rolling Stone": Greil Marcus, Lester Bangs, Richard Meltzer, Hunter S. Thompson, Cameron Crowe, Joe Klein, Joe Eszterhas, P.J. O' Rourke, Patti Smith,... Well known photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Anton Corbijn have also published their work in "Rolling Stone".
  • Stillborn Franchise: Rolling Stone has tried multiple things to spread its name, from its bankrupt restaurant chain (to rival Hard Rock Cafe) to its message boards which were shut down numerous times.


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