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  • Creator Breakdown: Vinny admitted as such regarding Kerosene, stating that it was made primarily as a form of self-therapy, comparing the nature of it to Low.
  • What Could Have Been: According to Word of God, Another Light was originally going to be titled Settle for Less; like Another Light, the original name is derived from a song on the album. The name was changed because Mike misremembered the album name and referred to it by its opening track, which Vinny decided was a better title.
  • Vinny spoke about some songs from Another Light during a Space Engine stream.
    • At around here, Vinny talks about "I'm So Happy". The ordeal/idea of a person telling you or someone about something nice that happened, and being indifferent towards it.
    Vinny: Have you ever been like...? Where someone tells something nice that happened and you're like "Oh man... Well good for you. Dick."

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