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  • Ear Worm: "There she goes in the morning! There she goes in the morning sun! There she goes in the evening!" There she goes when the day is, day is done!"
  • Epic Riff: Many riffs, Reno especially.
  • Even Better Sequel: Most of their fans agree that Another Light is a huge step up from What Could Go Wrong.
  • Face of the Band: The line-up can be signed up as Vinny, Jabroni Mike, and Joe.
  • Misattributed Song: "Scoot the Burbs" is often mistaken to be a Red Vox song. It's actually a song that Vinny improvised on the spot during a shovelware stream, then recorded for his solo album Odds and Ends, a collection of demos. Red Vox does sometimes perform it at shows though.
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  • Most Wonderful Sound: The guitar riffs in "Reno" are a thing of beauty.
  • Signature Song: Their song "In The Garden" is easily their most well known song.
  • Squick: To some, "Vomit In The Ball Pit" and "Roid Rage".
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Fan consensuses is that "In a Dream" is their saddest song due to it being about dreaming about an ex-lover.
    • A good contender for that title is "Ghost Page", which many interpret the lyrics as someone who had a crush on a girl who died or is otherwise gone is looking through their posthumous online profiles.
    • "From the Stars" is another prominent heartrender, being Vinny's tribute to the late David Bowie.
    • "Stranded" is a saddening one, considering it's about a person stranded out somewhere. Talking to possibly god or themselves, about how they won't last and will inevitably die.
    • Vinny himself noted how a lot of the responses he got regarding Kerosene was that it tended to make listeners cry; it's not too surprising to hear, given how an album created primarily as a form of self-therapy might drive anyone to tears.

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