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  • Science Marches On: Elsa lampshades the fact that calling Alternate Universes "dimensions" isn't really accurate anymore.
  • Short-Lived, Big Impact: This series is only 12 issues long and was originally intended to be Canon Discontinuity to begin with. It ended up being treated as Canon and all four non-original characters in it were permanently affected, keeping their outfits and often their personalities from this series.
  • Writer Revolt:
    • Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada declared Nextwave to be Canon Discontinuity, for obvious reasons. Only problem is, the other Marvel writers loved it as much as the fans did, so they went over Quesada's head and incorporated Nextwave into the main continuity anyway (although it's implied that the actual actions were slightly less silly). This goes as far as the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Mighty Avengers clarifies that the series is canon, but nobody remembers it except for Monica Rambeau. This is because the Beyond Corporation kidnapped her and the others, then put them in an alternate universe and screwed with them For the Evulz. When the truth comes out, Monica is pissed.
    • During his time as part of Carol's team in the 50 States Initiative, Aaron Stack also implied he remembered what happened, as well. It was also implied that the memory was part of why he was still very much driven to drink. This naturally confuses the daylights out of Carol, who remembers Aaron very differently.
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    • As late as 2019, the series is still somewhat referenced. Ed Brisson's X-Force run had Tabitha wearing her Nextwave outfit and written pretty much the same way.
    • And as of 2022, the inmates are officially running the asylum. The Beyond Corporation is back as the main antagonist in the Spider-Man Beyond story arc, with Nextwave-level craziness oozing around the borders. Monica Rambeau and Aaron Stack both show up completely in Nextwave character, with strong hints that their next priority is finding the Captain.