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  • The team's final assault on State 51: 8 uninterrupted double-page splashes of the team fighting bizarre monsters.
  • Elsa Bloodstone killing a robot with a guitar in the first issue.
  • Elsa's tirade about not being a victim.
  • Aaron Stack finding himself in a living nightmare and destroying his own head trying to get out of it.
  • The Captain proving himself as a semi-respectable hero by defeating the Dread Rorkannu singlehandedly.
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  • The Mindless Ones eventually getting bored of meaningless violence, and taking up skateboarding and fine dining.
  • Number None's elaborate Miracleman reference regarding the New Paramounts.
  • After many years of being accepted as non-canon, Nextwave is slowly being acknowledged in the main Marvel universe as somewhat canon. First with Monica Rambeau realizing that the Beyond Corporation was real and not fake as she had been tricked to believe, and in 2016 The Captain was introduced in Nova #9. He's even got his signature "Kick" move and teaches the young Nova an important life lesson through the story of when Steve Rogers kicked the seven shades of his old name out of him and left him in a dumpster!

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