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  • Ascended Fanon: This is best seen the Touhou nendoroids, considering one of Aya and Yuuka's alternate faces is based off of a meme that started with a fankoma and Patchouli's nendoroid having glasses.
  • Crack is Cheaper: Rare single or limited release nendoroids can really do it, with some (like Zero Two for example) getting resold for up to $400 (secondhand) and that's probably without the shipping.
    • Nendoroid Doll bodies falls into this trope as well, as their stocks tends to sell out quickly. Alternatives such as YMY Body and Obitsu were sometimes preferred for this very reason.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Though not as known, Cu-Poche a similar but more poseable group of figures that came about in 2014 as, apparently, an answer to this (some of the accessories even being compatible). This also occurs in reverse with the introduction of the Nendoroid Dolls in 2018.
    • There were also various Minisimo figures of select JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters which were released around 2016-2017. However, the line has discontinued since and now the characters in question have integrated with the Goodsmile Nendoroid line.
  • I Knew It!: What would seem like a pipe dream started slowly writing itself to reality when Team Salvato of Doki Doki Literature Club started having a partnership with Goodsmile, making people predict that they were considerably in the books for becoming Nendoroids and more. While Monika's was first announced in July 2021, the other three were released as pillows/pins, making fans question when the other characters would become Nendoroids, which happened to Natsuki in May 2022.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Any one release/special edition nendoroid, as trying to get one can go up to about triple digits, even if secondhand. To add insult to injury, regular nendoroids tend to be pretty costly regardless.
    • This can also apply to a regular nendoroid, too. An example of this the case of the Bakugo nendoroid, as said nendoroid succumbed to Demand Overload quickly on both runs, leaving fans to turn to getting him secondhand.
    • Any nendoroid from a work with limited or special release is bound to have this happen, as those nendos don't usually have enough demand for a rerelease.
    • This also applies to the Nendoroid More accessories, as, from what can be guessed, those are only single-release, so, if they're run out of or discontinued, anyone wanting these accessories will have to turn to other shops/venues to get them. Oh, said accessories tend to be pretty expensive, too.
    • The plushies are hard to get outside of certain shops, promotions, and pre-orders. Trying to buy one secondhand, might cost one a few.
    • Other than Wonfes, the My First Doll sewing pattern book is pretty scarce, so you'd have to do some digging if you'd like to find it but this is really the case if you're looking for posts with translations to follow.
    • For the Nendoroid Dolls, it's the "Cream" or "Almond Milk" Archetypes that are harder to get than the "Peach" or "Cinnamon" ones. "Almond Milk" sold out almost immediately and some retailers are still waiting to get them back in stock.
  • No Export for You: For awhile, GoodSmile had yet to distribute nendoroids outside of Japan in a major way, shape, or form, despite the rapidly growing fandom for the products. Now, in recent years, this has been subverted/averted with their international shop, partner shops in other countries, and Japanese stores that will ship internationally. An example of this were the Naruto and Korra nendoroids that were made for international release.note 
    • This is played straight harder for any Wonder Festival releases, which aren't stocked on any import sites short of middlemen. This was changed slightly in the releases for 2011 but that was only for a week.
    • This is also played straight with the newest Nendoroid Facemaker, as the site is Japanese and will only ship to Japanese address, so, the only way for international customers to use this site and get their own custom face plates is to use a proxy (and things can get tricky on that end). Only time will tell if it'll be international. According to GoodSmile, they're still working out logistics problems.
    • The My First Doll book is played with case, as it can be imported from Japan but it's in Japanese. An English version hasn't been announced.
  • Permanently Missable Content: Since GoodSmile releases nendoroids based on demand, occasion, and licensing, like with Figma, a nendoroid may never have a rerelease, especially if there isn't enough demand for a particular nendoroid.
  • Pre-Order Bonus: Like Figma, pre-ordering at the Good Smile website will give the buyer an exclusive accessory, which is usually an additional facial expression for a given character, a poster, etc.