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  • Billing Displacement: Although she's a relatively minor (though important to the plot) character, almost all anyone really remembers about the series is that it was X-23's first comics appearance. You can bet that any artwork or promotion of the series now will show X-23 quite prominently.
  • Creator Killer: The long delays that plagued the original miniseries, coupled with the resulting backlash, strongly contributed to the end of Quesada's career as a comic-book writer. After the series ended, he spent most of his time in his other roles at Marvel.
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  • First Appearance: X-23 makes her first appearance in the comics. To this day, the only thing most people even remember about the series is that this is the series which made her a Canon Immigrant.
  • Troubled Production: The original miniseries suffered terrible delays because of Quesada's duties as Editor-in-Chief, and then, after four issues, Joshua Middleton left because his contract with Marvel ran out, forcing Quesada to find a new artist for the remaining three issues.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • NYX grew out of a concept for a series first developed by Brian Wood to launch Marvel's MAX imprint, which would have starred Gambit, Jubilee and Rogue, as well as two new characters named Angie and Purge. Wood's take would've been a Darker and Edgier Deconstruction of the X-Men focusing on young mutants and the impact their powers would have on themselves and those around them in real life. He later recycled the basic premise of a more realistic and character-driven take on young superhumans for the creator owned and stand-alone series DEMO.
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    • The series was originally planned to be an ongoing. However the constant and significant delays (including a full year between the release of issues 5 and 6) led to it being cut to a miniseries.
    • A sequel was planned to be released beginning in 2007, but never materialized. It was not until No Way Home in 2008 that this was revisited.

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