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Trivia / Montreal Screwjob

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  • Fountain of Expies: The screwjob itself, obviously. However, a little over 12 years later, on January 4, 2010, Hart finally returned to WWE as one of many RAW guest hosts. His first order of business was to call out Michaels. The pair of them traded stories back and forth, finally apologized and hugged it out. Though they'll never be close friends, they're able to stand the sight of one another now. They even chronicled their rivalry in a DVD hosted by Jim Ross.
  • Lying Creator:
    • Shawn Michaels swore up and down he wasn't in on it for years, before finally coming clean in the mid-2000's.
    • Vince Russo and Jim Cornette both claim to have come up with the finish. Russo has claimed responsibility since the end of his WCW run. Cornette finally staked his claim on the Viceland documentary that aired in June, 2019. Russo's status as a lying creator tends to rob credibility from his claim.
      • Cornette said that he called Dave Meltzer the next day and took responsibility for the finish. Cornette was calling Meltzer (who had sources inside WWF) to see if anyone had figured out that he'd come up with the finish and if anyone was planning to confront him physically. Meltzer publicly backed this story on Cornette's podcast, and in his own review of the Viceland documentary.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Obviously.
  • What Could Have Been: Prior to the event, Vader told Hart that he shouldn't allow himself to be taken into any submission hold, having witnessed similar screwjobs in Japan. But it only takes a look at the article picture to realize that Bret didn't listen.
    • When Jim Cornette suggested a double cross at a booking meeting, he suggested using Ken Shamrock for Bret's opponent; with his MMA experience, Shamrock would have been able to physically force Bret to drop the title and could protect himself if there was any fallout.
    • Ironically enough, had Vince asked Bret to drop the title to Shamrock, he probably would have.
    • When Bret refused to drop the title to Shawn, several alternatives were considered. The Undertaker, Ken Shamrock, Steve Austin were all considered.
  • Word of God: Jim Cornette finally admitted on his podcast in June, 2019 that he came up with the finish. He laid the whole thing out as a hypothetical scenario when challenged by Vince McMahon to come up with a finish. Cornette said that he didn't know Vince was going to use the finish, citing that Vince never used his finishes. Cornette didn't know what was happening until he saw the spot while watching from a monitor backstage. He also said that the only people who knew were Vince, referee Earl Hebner, Shawn, Triple H, Gerald Briscoe, Dave Meltzer, and his friend Danny Davis.

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