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Trivia / Leona Lewis

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  • Development Hell: Her third studio album, Glassheart, was supposed to be released towards the end of 2011 after the release of "Collide". However, after some legal issues with Avicii regarding supposed plagiarism of one of his tracks on said song, the album was pushed back to March 26th, 2012. In lieu of the album, a covers EP was released to iTunes. However, in January, the release date was pushed back once again, was scheduled to be released November 26th before finally getting a release on October 12th.
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  • Lady Mondegreen/Precision F-Strike: "Don't Let Me Down" is rather infamous among fans for the opening lyric ("fork in the road"), which sounds UNCANNILY like she's saying "Fuckin' around".
  • One-Hit Wonder: Averted, unlike many of the other X Factor winners.


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