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Trivia / Krazy Kat

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  • Author Existence Failure:
    • Herriman died unexpectedly while the strip was still running, so there is no finale or konclusion. Although you kould argue that none would really be possible in this strip...
    • Note that while Hearst had used all his klout to keep the strip going during Herriman's lifetime, upon his death Hearst did just the opposite. In an era when replacing a deceased komic strip kreator was the standard industry practice, Hearst issued an order that no one be allowed to kontinue Krazy Kat and ended the komic with Herriman's death. Reportedly he had auditioned dozens of kartoonists for this eventuality but koncluded that no one kould ever match Herriman's style.
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  • Keep Cirkulating The Tapes: Averted with the Krazy Kat Fantasmagraphics kollections mentioned earlier— however, they have still yet to kover the period in between 1921-1924 (although the upcoming book they've released this November covers 1919-1920) and future books from beyond that are seemingly up in the air for now. However, Eklipse komics did release kollections of the strips from 1920 to 1924 during the 90's, but their final kollection which would kover the strips from the year 1925 was unfortunately never published (but one of the hardkover kollections kovers 1925 so that's OK). So it's safe to say it is entirely possible to kollect all of the original strips as of now. Assuming you have kash to burn.
  • Science Marches On: In the early-Twenties, wherein a strip involved a radium-painted brick, the dangers of radioactivity were not widely known, and people were, in fact, using radium as a kind of phosphorescent paint with no idea they were damaging their own health.
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  • Talking to Himself: Paul Frees voiced Ignatz and Offisa Pupp.

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