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Trivia / Kamen Rider Super-1

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  • Name's the Same: Astronaut who learns martial arts whose given name is Kazuya? He doesn't exactly run on The Power of Love, but is just as badass.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: While Fake Shemps are common in tokusatsu, Super-1 has only appeared in-suit in Heisei Rider because actor Shunsuke Takasugi used his fame to scam fans out of 50m yennote , didn't show up to his court hearings when sued, and has "mysteriously" gone missing as of January 2017.
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  • What Could Have Been: Hiroyuki Watanabe, who would later go onto play Gaoh, and Shun Sugata, who later became Kamen Rider ZX, unsuccessfully auditioned for the titular character's rolenote . Similar to Masaya Matsukaze and Kamen Rider Kuuga, had either one of them gotten the role, it's very easy to imagine that they would've been willing to reprise the role, considering that the former reprised his role as Gaoh in the second Kamen Rider Battride War game, and the latter reprised his role as Ryo Murasame in Kamen Rider Taisen, and neither faces the legal issues that Shinsuke faces.


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