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  • Banned in China: Due to his reckless behavior when visiting the Great Wall in 2013 and his arrests for DUIs. Also once banned in Argentina on 2013.
  • Career Resurrection: After spending most of 2013 and 2014 as the biggest punchline in pop music, and failing to produce any major hit singles, he reappeared in 2015 with two top-10 hits: "Where Are U Now" (with Skrillex and Diplo; which won Bieber his first Grammy) and his first #1 "What Do You Mean?" His album Purpose was a smash hit, producing two more #1 hits with "Sorry" and "Love Yourself" (the two biggest hits of 2016). The album did well enough to reach number 1 on its first week even though One Direction released an album on the same date as Purpose.
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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Not only are there two movies, but there are also Bieber teddy bears, Bieber dolls (that sing!), Bieber jewellery, Bieber kits, Bieber bedsheets... you name it.
  • Channel Hop: He was transferred from Island Records to Def Jam Recordings when The Island Def Jam Music Group folded in 2014.
  • Fan Nickname: So, so many of them:
    • For starters, there's "Biebus" (since his fans think he's like Jesus).
    • "Beliebers" like having Bieber Fever, while haters dislike having the Biebonic Plague.
    • People who are into Pokémon seem to call him "Justin Bibarel".
    • And then there's "Justine Bieber" for the haters who purposely call him a girl.
    • "Justin Beaver" exists too. It's the name of the parody of the singer in Sonic Boom.
    • The seemingly ubiquitous grandfather nickname: "Jason Booby"
    • One of The Jonas Brothers called him "Bustin Jieber" on Twitter and it caught on for a while.
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    • Many of his haters call him Justin *Bleep*er.
    • Then there's "The Biebs."
    • And don't forget SpongBieb SquarePants.
  • Fandom Life Cycle: Came in reach of being a household name at his peak, but has since gone back to merely having a modest sized fandom of particularly dedicated fans and otherwise being a gigantic target of mockery, and thanks to his big comeback, he's firmly a household name again.
  • Referenced by...: In the Sonic Boom episode, "Battle of the Boy Bands", Justin Bieber is parodied as Justin Beaver, and his manager brainwashes all of the girls in the village, resulting in Sonic and friends forming a Boy Band to fight back.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, first discovered Bieber on accident while searching for videos of a different singer. When he tracked Justin down and approached his mother about representing Justin, she nearly refused on the grounds that Braun is Jewish, and the Biebers were Christian. It took church elders to convince her to go with Braun.
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    • Justin actually began his life as an ardent sports player and fan and spent much of his life playing hockey. His friends and family actually thought he'd go on to be a professional hockey player when he grew up.


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