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Trivia / Jack*Bot

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  • Disowned Adaptation: To say that Python Anghelo (co-designer of both Pin*Bot and The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot) was displeased with Jack*Bot would be an understatement.
    Python Anghelo: "’s like saying, listen to this analogy, 'your biggest successes on our menu were pea soup, the shrimp pizza, and apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. Now you take those motherf***ers and put them all in a bowl and they’ll taste great.'"
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  • In Memoriam: An Easter Egg reveals the game is dedicated to Joe Joos Jr, who made several interesting pinball toys.
  • Recycled Set: As noted above, the Jack*Bot playfield is a redecorated version of the one from Pin*Bot.
  • The Other Darrin: Lia Mortensen replaced Stephanie Rogers as the voice of The Machine.

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