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Trivia / Ice Fantasy

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  • Acting for Two: Feng Shaofeng plays both Ka Suo and She Mi.
  • Playing Gertrude: Kim Hee-sun (Lian Ji) is only nine years older than Ma Tianyu (Ying Kong Shi). Justified because both characters are immortal, and Shi is technically only a young child who's magically become an adult.


  • Several actors in this series are also involved in Princess Silver. Behind the scenes is Zhang Meng (Yan Da) as executive producer; among the cast are Chen Xinyu (Chao Ya) as Hen Xiang, Deng Sha (Xing Zhou) as Consort Yun, Shu Ya Xin (Shuo Gang) as Wu Yu, Wang Yu (Ji Quan) as Ling Yue, and Xu Ke (Xing Jiu) as Ning Qianyi.


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