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  • Creator Breakdown: By far the darkest album put out by the band, Burnt Offerings was recorded when Schaffer was going through an ugly divorce and a lot of in-fighting within the band, all while suffering from a bad back injury.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Several examples from the period prior to the first album. The only recording to have appeared on CD was their Enter The Realm Demo of 1989. Various examples of circulating stuff that doesn't seem to be getting an official release any time soon include:
    • The three Purgatory demo tapes, and some rare live bootlegs.
    • The second Iced Earth demo (the one with Haunted House on it)
    • The track "Dracula" which was the first track recorded under the Iced Earth name, which appeared on the "Tampa Bay's Metal Mercenaries" cassette. It was a rerecording of the Purgatory demo, but not the same track as the Iced Earth one later.
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    • The original mixes of the first three albums which were released on CD, but were later replaced by the remix/remasters done for Dark Genesis. The most significant of these is the fact that "Before The Vision" on Night Of The Stormrider had some of the vocals edited out, and the mixing in general is clearer (the original releases were mixed quite roughly).
  • Not Christian Rock: The band's music constantly contains themes that are based on biblical parts, with frequent themes betraying god and selling your soul to the devil, and heaven and hell. Night Of The Stormrider, for instance, is loosely based on the story of Lucifer. Jon Schaffer grew up in a religious environment, even going to a school run by nuns, but though fascinated by religion, became strongly disillusioned with it. In addition, original singer Gene Adam went on to become a pastor, and second singer John Greely is a known Christian and his musical project Seventh Servant is explicitly Christian metal. Despite all this, the band is not a Christian Metal band perse.
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  • Old Shame: Jon Schaffer has gone on to say that Burnt Offerings was his least favorite record he did, which aside from the Creator Breakdown issues, apparently sold horribly.

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