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Tear Jerker / Ice Fantasy

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  • The deaths of the Ice Tribe's princes and princess. The Fire King tortures then kills them in front of their parents, and then puts their armour on display to taunt Ice Tribe.
  • The Dreamer Tribe's ice crystal becomes corrupted, so Xing Gui's father hides it inside Xing Gui, ensuring she'll be constantly ill and will die young. So she's dying no matter what Xing Jiu does, and she knows it.
  • Shi realises he has powers no one else in Ice Tribe has, and becomes convinced that it means he's Flame's son. He confronts his mother about it.
    Shi: Previously, I never understood why Father was so cold toward me. My older sisters and brothers never played with me and despised me. Turns out it's because I am not the Ice King's son. I am their enemy's son. [...] I'm not fit to be the prince of the Ice Tribe. Stop forcing me to become the Ice King. Do you think I haven't made enough of a fool of myself?
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  • Ka Suo and Shi fight to be the next Ice King, apparently damaging their relationship beyond repair. Especially sad is that Shi doesn't truly want to be king, and is only fighting Ka Suo because his mother insisted on it.
  • Shi's death. He kills himself so he can transfer his powers to Ka Suo. Afterwards, Ka Suo suffers a Heroic BSoD.


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