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  • The Danza: Hot Dad's character, the Chowder Man, has the real name Erick Helman, which is extremely close to Hot Dad's own real name, Erik Helwig.
  • Level Editor: Standalone editors for custom in-game web pages and music exist in the game files, also downloadable from the developers' website.
  • Throw It In!: There's a point in the game where someone insults Chowder Man and calls him 'Choder Man'. According to Jay Tholen this was a legitimate typo he made but it worked way too well in context to take out.
  • What Could Have Been: The Kickstarter trailer's "Warp to the Hypnospace Highway" feature refers to a car minigame as a prominent part of the game. As development went on this was downplayed in favour of the fake internet, although it's still in there, and plays a small plot role as Dylan Merchant's personal passion project.
    • There were other features planned for the game that had to be cut for scheduling time, such as an anti-drug section, more with Counselor Ronnie, and more involving the Fungus scene.
    • In the early betas, a Gamerz Only zone was included. In the release version of the game, it's one of five former zones that were abruptly merged into one "geeky" zone called Starport Castle Dreamstation.

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