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Trivia / Guest House Paradiso

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  • Directed by Cast Member: Adrian Edmondson. Originally both he and Rik Mayall were going to direct, but Rik was still recovering from his quad bike accident. This is the first (and pretty much only film, since this movie flopped) movie Ade directed.
  • Fake Nationality: French actors Hélène Mahieu and Vincent Cassel play Italians Gina and Gino.
  • Inspiration for the Work: The idea for the film came from Rik and Ade staying at various hotels while touring Bottom live shows and thinking, "Wouldn't it be funny if Richie and Eddie ran a hotel?"
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The film received a very limited release in America and was never released to home video there. This was likely due to the film being a Box Office Bomb in its native UK, and the series itself being relatively obscure in America (although it was released in America on DVD in 2005).
  • Star-Derailing Role: Because of the box office failure of this film, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson didn't do any other movies. Also, what ever happened to Hélène Mahieu who plays Gina?
  • Written by Cast Member: Rik and Ade. This was the only movie Rik had written, and as of 2016, Ade hasn't written another movie either.
  • You Look Familiar: Steve O'Donnell (Lardy Barsto) played Spudgun in the TV series.


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