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Vincent Crochon (born 23 November 1966 in Paris, France), known as Vincent Cassel, is a French actor.

He is the son of actor Jean-Pierre Cassel. Vinz from La Haine was his Star-Making Role in French cinema, and he is also known to international audiences for playing in films such as Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Thirteen, Eastern Promises and Black Swan.

Throughout his career, he has put his eerie looks, intense Icy Blue Eyes stare and acting skills to good use, playing a sizeable collection of villainous, Ax-Crazy, deviant, jerkass, mood-swinging or simply weird characters and, alternatively, a good chunk of dashing characters, occasionally hamming it up with an outrageous accent in non-French productions. A lover of Brazil, he practices Capoeira, which came in handy for his roles on occasion.

Oh, and... he also played James Bond... in a comedy short.


He was once married to Monica Bellucci. As of August 2018, he is now married to French model Tina Kunakey, who is thirty years his junior.

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