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Trivia / Fun with Dick and Jane

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  • Completely Different Title: Known as "Amateur Bankrobbers" in France and "The Antics of Dick and Jane" in Quebec.
  • The Danza: Jane Fonda as Jane Harper.
  • Deleted Role: James Whitmore, in his last film role before his death in 2009, originally had a cameo in a scene from the 2005 version as a badass security guard at a toy store Dick and Jane were trying to rob. The scene can be seen here.
  • Similarly Named Works: Fun with Dick and Jane is also the title of a classic children's book, intended to teach reading. You know, the one with Dick, Jane, and their doggo Spot? "Run, Spot, run!" ring any bells?
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  • What Could Have Been: Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones were considered for Jane in the remake.