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  • The very first Norns were named Ron and Eve. 'Ron' was originally a very smart pre-release Norn, who was named for a person the game was being demonstrated to. The Ron Norns species, originally released in an expansion for the first Creatures game, was named after him.
  • The sound the Doozers make in Creatures 2 is a sped-up version of a backmasked clip of voices chanting a famous protest slogan: "HELL NO! WE WON'T GO!"
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  • The Creatures series is heavy with references to Norse mythology; Nornir (or 'Norns') are female beings that rule the destiny of gods and men. Likewise, Grendel (the Norn's dire enemy in the game) are from the Norse epic of 'Beowulf', and jötunn (Or 'Ettin' in late English) are Norse giants of legend. The Shee, while part of Irish mythos rather than Norse, are still connected to the overall 'Norse' theme: tales of the Aes Sídhe speak of the Norse driving Scottish inhabitants underground to live in the hills, which contributed to the Changeling myth of West European folklore.
  • Development Hell: The original release date of Creatures Online was April 2013, before a rename and numerous other changes. The date was later changed to "by the end of 2013", but the game was put on hold again, and then the IP was sold to another company, which announced a mobile game for 2017, but all that ever came of it was a mini-game. While not officially cancelled, there is currently no release date for another game in the series.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Several unique breeds and their related items for Creatures Docking Station were sold as packs in the now-defunct Creatures Mall, and as of yet they haven't been officially rehosted anywhere by Gameware (compared to standalone breeds that have been rehosted as free downloads). Players have been requested not to publicly post download links to these files, but they are allowed to privately distribute them amongst each other. Fanmade mods are also subject to this if their site of origin goes down and their creators can't be contacted for permission to rehost their mods.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: The legendary Secret Adventure Mode. The unofficial "Creatures 1 to Docking Station" mod, which reproduced the items, gameworld, and species of the original game in the Creatures 3 / Docking Station engine, made many of the items of the Secret Adventure Mode a reality, albeit a goofy one.
    • The Secret Adventure Mode actually started out as an inside joke amongst the fandom, which spawned from a post on the newsgroup that was a question meant for some obscure graphic adventure game.
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  • What Could Have Been: Creatures: Project Loci was a planned console title that would have combined the A-Life aspects of the PC series with elements of an Adventure game - as well as raising your Norns, you would have had to train them to complete set objectives in order to progress through the plot. Sadly, Creature Labs couldn't find the money to develop it, and we haven't had a new game since.

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