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Tear Jerker / Creatures

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  • The whimpering death cry of a Norn. Admit it, it tears you up to hear that sound. Compound that with the fact that even though Norns only live for a few hours at a time, it's most likely not continuous and can stretch out over several days, giving you just enough time to get attached to them before they get yanked away. What the hell, programmers?!
  • The Cruel and Unusual Death of falling into the piranha pit in 3; it's supposed to be cartoony, with a Big Ball of Violence to cover things up, but the shredding noises and the fact that your fuzzy Norn (or Grendel, or Ettin) is being eaten and torn apart alive would make anyone cringe.
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  • MerNorns. Completely land-bound at birth, their lungs slowly wither as they get older and their gills develop. When they reach adulthood, they sprout a lovely piscean tail and spend the rest of their lives in water, never again to return to land. Fanfiction authors used to have a field day with them.

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