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Fridge Brilliance

  • The Norns were redesigned in Creatures Online to be more human-like and that it's now a lot easier train and look after them. Seeing as the game takes place on a Shee-populated planet (unlike past games where the Shee long deserted the settings by the time the games take place), it's safe to assume the Norn-related utilities within the past three games were made before they managed to perfect their technologies even further.

Fridge Horror

  • Digging through the code in the original Creatures found that Grendels were coded to be physically unable to tickle or kiss (friendly actions) other creatures; the code would turn them into slaps or punches instead. Now, imagine if you were physically unable to touch someone in a harmless or friendly manner. Imagine if every time you tried, something beyond your control would turn it into an act of violence. A handshake would become a slap, a gentle nudge would become a punch, a kiss would become a vicious bite... All this makes the Grendels come off as victims, not the vicious monsters they're supposed to be.


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