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Trivia / Circle of Iron

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  • Acting for Two: David Carradine played four roles - The Blind Man, Monkeyman, Death, and Changsha.
  • Cast the Runner-Up: David Carradine was originally offered the part of the main character Cord, but preferred the Loads and Loads of Roles.
  • Creator Backlash: James Coburn, who co-wrote the original script with Bruce Lee, refused to watch the film.
  • What Could Have Been: According to a recent biography of Bruce Lee, this movie was intended to be shot in 1969, with Lee playing the four roles of The Blind Man, Monkeyman, Death, and Changsha, and the lead role of Cord was offered to Steve McQueen. McQueen, however, turned down the role after remarking that he wasn't prepared to make Lee a star, and instead it was offered to James Coburn. Disagreements over location shooting (Lee preferred India) led the movie to be abandoned until after his death, when the rights were acquired by David Carradine. Lee even met with Roman Polański in Switzerland in the hopes that he might direct.
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  • Working Title: The Silent Flute.


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