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Trivia / Bob Sapp

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sapp actually conceived his "Beast" gimmick back in World Championship Wrestling, where the character would be basically a villainous version of Tarzan. It was when he debuted in K-1 that he changed it to the arrogant celebrity fighter he would become.
    • Sapp was originally slated to fight Semmy Schilt after his win over Hoost, but Schilt pulled out due to an injury and Hoost signed up for a rematch instead.
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    • Sapp and Kazuyuki Fujita teased a bout for PRIDE 26, but it didn't happen. They ended up facing off a year later in K-1 ROMANEX.
    • A matchup against Mike Tyson was discussed and publicized many times. However, Tyson wanted to negotiate a boxing match, while Sapp wanted a K-1/MMA bout, and that was only the iceberg's tip. It ended up becoming one of the hottest matchups in Japan ever to never happen. (Actually, there is controversy about whether it was really meant to happen or just was a gigantic promotional stunt.)
    • In 2006, Sapp was set for a rubber match against Ernesto Hoost in what wold be Hoost's last bout in Netherlands. However, he pulled out the event the same night. K-1 claims Sapp demanded more payment out of nowhere and was refused, while Sapp claims he pulled out because they didn't want to pay him the figure he had signed up to fight for. In any case, he apparently made up for it by replacing in short notice an injured Remy Bonjasky at the next year's edition of the event (where the very unprepared Sapp was felled in 20 seconds by Peter Aerts).
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    • He received offers to return to professional wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment and TNA in 2007, but K-1's lingering contract impeded him from accept them. He would end up really making his return after the contract ended, this time for Fighting Opera HUSTLE.
    • Sapp's role as Ukafa in the film Conan the Barbarian (2011) was going to be bigger, serving as The Dragon to Khalar Zym, but this position was given to his daughter Marique and Ukafa was instead turned into The Brute.

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