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  • Sapp beating Hoost at their rematch, yet forfeiting his place and being replaced by Hoost himself, who then goes to win the entire tournament, is almost an example of incidental absurd humor.
    • It does not even stop there, as Hoost's entire participation in the tournament was built over this. He was not even in until Semmy Schilt got injured and left him a place in the brackets; he was then beaten by Sapp, but Sapp got injured as well and it allowed him to advance round; he then was pitted against Ray Sefo, but Sefo had been injured in his previous bout and lost quickly; and he finally fought Jerome Le Banner, who dominated the match until (guess what) getting injured.
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  • It's Bob Sapp Time!
  • Sapp's line of dildos.
  • Sapp teaming up with caveman wrestler Tsubo Genjin during a visit to Michinoku Pro Wrestling in 2004. If the concept itself isn't hilarious enough, Sapp was so into the match that he even wore a fur hide to the ring to match Genjin's attire.
    • In the same bout, Sapp succesfully imitates Genjin's spot of rolling towards a turnbuckle-hanging opponent and performing a kancho in them. Even funnier because the receiver is none other than Jinsei Shinzaki.
    • Similarly, Sapp's attempt to do Tsubo's Bamiyan Stamp (esentially, squatting over the opponent's face) ends with Chinnen Hokkai suffocated.
    • Sapp actually tries to disuade Genjin from attempting Shinzaki's Ogami Watari, which predictably concludes with Genjin falling groin-first on the ropes and being pinned for the win. Read it again and imagine how insane has a situation to get for Sapp to be the Only Sane Man.

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