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  • Bonus Material: Athena: Full Throttle has an Omake section that can be unlocked.
  • Disowned Adaptation: The NES port is considered the worst of all home adaptations, and sadly, the most popular.
  • Fan Nickname: She's known by fans as "Goddess" (instead of "Princess") Athena because of her appearances in SNK Playmore crossovers (SVC: Chaos and NGBC) and to difference her from Athena Asamiya.
  • Follow the Leader: Athena was the SNK try to get into side-scrolling successes like Super Mario Bros.
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  • Fountain of Expies: Along with Lum, Athena is one of the first lead female characters made in Japan that dressed with a bikini, being one of the sex symbols of The '80s and inspire a lot of characters in the next years, including Athena Asamiya from the same SNK.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": This happened with Athena being part of SVC: Chaos and NGBC.
  • Milestone Celebration: The sequel for this game, Athena: Full Throttle was made for the 20th Anniversary of this game.
  • Name's the Same: Athena shares the name with another female famous in The '80s who has the same base as this Athena: Saori Kiddo, mostly known just as "Athena". Also, both girls have purple hair.
  • Revival by Commercialization: Thanks to SNK Arcade Classics 0, a pre-Neo Geo games compilation released for PlayStation Portable, in which the Arcade version of Athena is included, for all the ones who wanted to know her game origin after her appearances in SNK Crossover Fighting Games.
  • Sequel Gap: Thanks to her success in SVC: Chaos and NGBC, SNK Playmore decided to make a sequel to the first game... 20 years later! The game, named as Athena: Full Throttle was released to i-mode Mobile has a similar gameplay and artwork.
    • Sequelitis: And few time later a second sequel called Athena Full Throttle: Winning Witch Academy, also for i-mode.
    • No Export for You: None of these games were out of Japan... or even from i-mode cellphones to other consoles.

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