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  • Playing Gertrude: Bill Nighy, the voice of Grandsanta, is actually about half a year younger than Jim Broadbent, the voice of Grandsanta's son Malcolm.
  • Vindicated by Cable: Despite mostly positive reviews, the film was lost in a crowded holiday season already full of family films back in 2011, making nary a blip at the US Box Office and only modest business internationally. Upon the DVD release and cable broadcasts beginning the next year, though, the film's reputation began to improve, to the point that it's begun gaining a following as a modern day holiday classic. Being available on Netflix also increased its popularity, and was in fact where a lot of people first noticed the movie.
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  • What Could Have Been: Michael Giacchino wrote a score that ended up being rejected. Harry Gregson-Williams replaced him.
  • According to this PSA given by Elf 6409EF, Gwen has a baby brother all the way in Denmark.
  • During interview with the director Sarah Smith, they asked her why they did not put a straight forward villain and a love interest in the film, Sarah replied that there’s no need one of a “evil” villain just an anti-hero with no “just don’t get it department”.
    • they were originally to put an elf being the villain named general Antlers, who’s goal was to turn the reindeer into hamburgers.
    • though Sarah forgotten about the love interest question, it’s possible that Steve was going to get a love interest since his name was mentioned multiple times about being the sort of “baddie”during this interview.

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