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  • Critical Research Failure
    • There is a city named Trelew in a Spanish-speaking country on the other side of the Atlantic from the one in Cornwall, but it's in Argentina, not Mexico. Appropriately, it was founded by a community of British immigrants - but from Wales, not Cornwall.
    • Their depiction of Toronto featured a viaduct similar to the city's Gardiner Expressway but with a railway track, even though the city has no elevated railway lines.
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  • Cult Classic: Due to a perfect storm of poor marketing, a crowded movie season and Aardman going with an off-brand look which didn't attracted it's hardcore fans, the movie had a dismal theatrical run and wasn't appreciated until it hit home video. Since then, it's become extremely popular, enough to be a modern Christmas staple in many households on both sides of the pond.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This is not the first time elves acted as a super-spy prep team for Santa.
    • This was in production before that short though.
    • And both could be considered a Spiritual Successor to the elite E.L.F.S. squad that rescues Tim Allen with jet packs and tinsel guns in The Santa Clause.
  • Ho Yay: Peter the elf certainly has some (unreciprocated) feelings for Steve. For example, after the lights go out in HQ, Steve is heard saying, "Peter...let go of my hand, please."
    • Not to mention Peter got him underwear covered in S's and the slogan "I BELIEVE IN STEVE".
    • During the Christmas dinner scene early in the film, if you read the messages Steve is receiving on his HOHO, three of the four are from Peter. In order, they say, "Great job today, sir!", "You looked great today, sir!" and "I'm still up. Just so you know." Uh...yeah.

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