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Tear Jerker / Arthur Christmas

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  • When it seems Grand-Santa is going to do a Heroic Sacrifice. Thankfully he doesn't die.
  • The whole ending, crossing with Heartwarming.
  • Arthur's breakdown after he, Grandsanta and Bryony get stranded on the Cayo Confites in Cuba. It's almost like as if Arthur stopped believing in Santa, just like a kid growing up would do. Made even worse by Arthur's last line in that scene:
    Arthur: Good night, Dad. Sleep well.
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  • Malcolm reading Arthur's empathic replies to children's letters, and sadly realizing that for all his pride in the job, he has failed to live up to the true meaning of Santa Claus.
  • When Steve and Malcolm are on the ship arguing over who's going to go pick up Arthur and Grand-Santa, the argument quickly shifts from that to Malcolm's apparent ignorance of Steve's skills and accomplishments, Steve's frustration at being the "Well Done, Son!" Guy, and Steve ultimately letting slip that he believed being Santa was more important to Malcolm than being his father was, and implies he's only pushing so hard for the Santa title because he wants Malcolm's recognition. Between that, the fact that Steve looks and sounds like he's about to start crying, and Margaret blowing up at both of them for letting their egos get in the way of helping Arthur and Grand-Santa, and this scene is pretty painful for anyone who's been in either Steve's or Margaret's position.

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  • The scene where Grandsanta is recounting to Arthur when Malcolm, his own son, told him they were going to be scrapping the old sleigh. If you've ever had something you love and cherished taken away from you due to obsolescence in an ever-changing world, then you know how Grandsanta feels.
  • There is scene where Both Steve and Malcolm are zipping up their Santa suit and there we get to see the differences between Father and son’s depression and bedroom settings,In Malcolm’s room, we see him in his pj’s in a nice warm and colorful atmosphere in his room and there we see a view of his bed with his wife in it, then he talks to her about his identity which of course made him feel a little better.
    • But In Steve’s room, after zipping up his Santa’s suit away, Steve is seen not wearing his pjs, is seen very lonely in a cold and dark atmosphere in his room, there we see Steve’s bed but empty with no Mrs. Steve Claus to talk to feel better,in fact the only thing he does have that’s comes close to having a woman in his bedroom is the woman’s computer voice.

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