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Trivia / Aksana

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  • Dye Hard: Naturally a dark blonde, but bleached early in WWE shortly followed by dyeing her hair brunette.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Said her favourite storyline was when she wore the blonde wig to attack Kaitlyn - as opposed to her more high profile stuff with Teddy Long and Goldust.
  • Reclusive Artist: Although she had a Twitter account while in WWE, she rarely updated it after her release and rarely gave interviews.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to Karlee Perez, who portrayed Maxine, the Femme Fatale gimmick Aksana ended up with was pitched by her. Maxine would have been the one to try and seduce Teddy Long into handing over Smackdown to her. She recalls one day abruptly walking in and seeing Aksana suddenly with dark hair and a Spy Catsuit. Even at the time of Aksana's debut on Smackdown, rumours circulated that Aksana was working for Maxine to gain control of Smackdown.
    • Claims that she was just about to begin a new storyline when she was released. WWE filmed a sort of break-up angle between her and Alicia Fox on Raw, they had a match on Smackdown and Aksana was told she would have a Heel–Face Turn and feud with Alicia. Then she was released that same week. As a result, Alicia Fox's new gimmick of throwing tantrums at ringside was quietly dropped too.

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