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  • Aksana was comedy gold on NXT Season 3. Some of it was intentional and others accidental.
    • Probably accidental - during the "Talk The Talk" challenge, her topic was 'llama''. Only problem was she didn't know what a llama was. Matt Striker changed it to camel and she didn't know what that was either. And she actually got the crowd to cheer, asking them if they wanted to see a llama.
    • During "Diss The Diva" she randomly said she thought she saw Kaitlyn on Jerry Springer fighting for her babies.
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    • When she got eliminated, she fainted on the spot and announced she would be going to Vince's office to demand a recheck.
    • On the reunion episode, when asked if she thought Kaitlyn or Naomi should win - she just flirted with Matt Striker and picked herself to win.
    • "Beaten with shovels". That is all.
  • Clichéd but at the Smackdown Christmas party, she and Teddy Long ended up under the mistletoe. Aksana seemed quite taken by the foliage and Teddy told her to do whatever she felt was right - so she ate it note 
  • How does she react when Teddy Long tells her that she'll be getting mentored by Alicia Fox? By jumping up and down, squealing with delight that he got Rihanna.
  • At a house show in Germany, she has Layla positioned on all fours in front of her...
    Fan: Time for a low blow!
    Aksana: You shut up!
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  • While she was acting as ring announcer for an FCW match between Naomi and AJ Lee, she starts off by saying "guys, this next match is my favourite" - not something your average ring announcer says. After announcing the match she also high fives all the Divas at ringside. Rosa Mendes is reluctant but gives in and high fives too.
  • Some highlights of The Aksana Show:
    • It's a Running Gag that her musical guests keep cancelling on her. Alex Riley is furious when Tony Bennett cancels, claiming that's the only reason he agreed to be on the show.
    • Maxine even lampshades Aksana's Oh, Crap! reaction.
    "Are you really surprised? Not one musical guest has come on your show!"
    • Maxine is asked a question about kissing "little man". Cue graphic from NXT Season 3 where Maxine was caught kissing Hornswoggle. The picture chosen was gold.
    • Aksana also frequently gets the names and hometowns of the fan questions wrong, to the point where the guests have to read the monitor for her.

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