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  • Descended Creator: Zip and Snip are voiced by Matt Ficner, the character designer of the show.
  • Fan Nickname: Lady Illusion has acquired the fan nicknames (or rather, fan first names) of Elspeth and Li (made out of her initials). Another fan theory hangs about that Sparx is secretly a princess who's "real" name is Amandine. Fans presumably chose this name specifically because they know it would embarrass the hell out of her were it true).
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  • He Also Did: The creator, Rick Siggelkow, also created two Importation Expansion series for PBS Kids: Shining Time Station and The Noddy Shop.
  • Name's the Same: As a villain from fellow British adventure show Knightmare, though this one's not as threatening.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show was cancelled after three seasons, leaving the viewers on something of a small cliff-hanger. This was because of complaints from Moral Guardians that the show wasn't educational and therefore did not meet American E/I requirements.
  • What Could Have Been: The series originally had the characters coming from a comic book rather than a video game. Perhaps someone noticed the similarity this would've created to Big Bad Beetleborgs?
    • The details of the cancelled third season are minimal, but they would've included Lord Fear teaming up with Mr. Cheseborough, Ace Lightning going into the game to rescue Lady Illusion, and Rick would've been "half animated" after escaping the game world.
    • Numerous character designs that never made it onto the show are available for viewing on character designer Matt Ficner's personal website and Facebook page. These include an early design for Kilobyte named "Scrambler", Buzzbeast, Candy Floss, Gas Master, and unused hero Tesla.

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