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  • Breakup Breakout: While most of the G's have had some fame after their appearances on the show, Alberto Mondi, Sam Okyere, and Daniel Lindemann have had the most high-profile appearances afterward, with Mondi co-hosting "Welcome, First Time in Korea?" and the latter two becoming cultural ambassadors and appearing in SEUNGRI's music video.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Some of the representatives made their first appearances as "interns" or "one-day panelists", then came back as permanent members, like Samy Rashad El-Baz (episode 11), Ilya Belyakov (episode 20), Blair Williams (episode 22), Mark Tetto (episode 24), and Sujan Shakya (episode 27)
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  • Fan Nickname: "Ausniel" (Australian Daniel) and "Gerniel" (German Daniel) for Daniel Snoeks and Daniel Lindemann to differentiate each other when the latter arrived in episode 5.
  • Follow the Leader: Abnormal Summit is the male equivalent of "Global Talk Show" (Misuda), another Korean show featuring foreigners discussing about daily life.
    • The show had a spin-off called "Where's My Friend's Home?", a travel show in which the representatives went to the other countries of their fellow panelists.
    • The success of Abnormal Summit resulted in a number of other shows featuring foreigners, such as "Hello, First Time in Korea?", which features several of its members. The most similar show to this is "Love of 7.7 Billion", a variety show with a reflective format, but deals with intercultural romance.
    • In 2015, a Turkish version, along with two Chinese versions, went on the air due to the popularity of the show in those two countries.
  • Promoted Fan Boys: Many of the representatives in later episodes cite their liking towards Abnormal Summit was how they wanted to get on the show. The same thing with some of the guests themselves.
  • Put on a Bus: There were two major cast changes—one at the end of episode 52, and at the end of episode 102. Both were followed by fears over who would replace them.
    • The Bus Came Back: With the exceptions of Enes, Daniel Snoeks, and Yuta (the latter who sent a video message), all the representatives joined together for the 100th episode. In addition, some came back as guest panelists, such as with Nikolai (episode 131), Sam (episode 149), Lucky (episode 161), and Sujan (episode 171).
  • What Could Have Been: As of August 2018, Abnormal Summit has not returned from its hiatus. What could've they talked about then? The Winter Olympics in Korea (which some of the cast members were involved in), a peace treaty between North and South Korea, a growing political scandal in the United States, the ongoing results of climate change, suicide (due to several high-profile ones its most recent episode), the World Cup (especially with South Korea beating Germany) and more!

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