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Heartwarming / Abnormal Summit

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  • Even though the representatives came from different countries, they ended up developing close bonds and learning a lot from each other.
    • To this day, several other Abnormal Summit members appear on other Korean shows together and photos of them together appear on SNS.
  • Whenever they talk about their families, such as with the end of episode 1.
  • Sam's joy in seeing Oh Na-mi as one of the Korean representatives in episode 4.
    • In addition, as it was James' last episode, Sam wrote him a poem documenting all the fun times he had.
  • Zhang Yuan talking about his old friend in episode 6. He gets to have a videocall with him and the end of the episode.
  • In an episode, some of the contestants cooked meals for the rest of the representatives. Sam mentions how he switched the meat to something hahal as a result of Enes being a Muslim. A small move, but a significant one, nevertheless.
  • Before the Chuseok episode, they drew out names to give out presents. The whole gift-giving was especially heartwarming in that the representatives and the hosts put thought into what they gave.
    • However, it drifts into funny territory when Julian gives Takuya a number of books; one of which was about how to become an idol singer, and two about debating. Needless to say, Takuya was not amused.
  • At the end of episode 12, the Gs got a special phone call from James, albeit with connection errors.
  • When Daniel Snoeks left in episode 17, Enes tells him that the G's would always be by his side, and that Daniel could go up to them whenever he needed it. Considering their relationship through the series, it was touching.
  • In the 100th episode special, we see a lot of moments where the representatives bonded and cared for each other.
    • While filming another Korean show, Daniel Lindemann asked the director to eliminate a particular scene because people like Sam would see it as problematic.
    • When the cast first met together, everybody was speaking English to each other. However, Tyler went up to Zhang Yuan and started bonding with him in Korean. Zhang Yuan then called Tyler "his angel"—albeit with pronunciation errors.