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  • Pretty much the bread and butter (pun intended) of breakfast cereal mascots:
  • Gackt and e-ma.
  • The Frito Bandito robbed people of their "Frito corn cheeps" until he was deemed an offensive racial stereotype.
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  • See also The Power of Cheese.
  • McDonald's: Several of the McDonaldland characters were associated with a particular food, most famously Grimace with milkshakes, Hamburglar with (guess what) hamburgers and the Fry Guys (and later, the Fry Girls) with (you guessed it) french fries. Birdie the Early Bird was best-known for her love of breakfast sandwiches.
    • Lesser-known in McDonaldland were Captain Crook (who tried to steal Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, the chain's fish sandwich), Uncle O'Grimacey (Grimace's uncle, who also loved milkshakes, only of the mint-flavored kind that were sold on St. Patrick's Day), and the Griddler (a short-lived character who helped promote the restaurant's McGriddles line of breakfast sandwiches).
  • Cheetos, the favorite food of Chester the Cheetah.
  • Hostess snack foods: The characters enjoy pitching (and apparently, in a nod to cannibalism) eating the foods shaped like themselves. These include the Happy Ho Ho, Captain Cupcake, Fruit Pie the Magician and most famously, Twinkie the Kid. Twinkie the Kid was so associated with the food that when schools began anti-junk food campaigns and thereby banned the popular snack cake from the classroom, several newspapers ran cartoons of Twinkie the Kid hanging himself.
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  • Meet the Turketarians.
  • Despite being a battery-operated rabbit, according to his official profile on the Energizer website, as well as a 2017 commercial, the Energizer Bunny's favorite food is carrots.
  • Morris the Cat is the sarcastic orange tabby mascot for 9Lives cat food.
  • itemLabel's Peepy enjoys peanuts as its favorite food and are more than willing to rob someone of them.