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Theatre / Midway of the Bizarre

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Evil is everywhere! You're at the mercy of this fiendish carnival of "Scareactors"! (1995 description)
Take a walk on the wild side of a sinister traveling carnival filled with killer clowns and crazed sideshow freaks gone wild. (1996 description)
Beware the knife-wielding clowns and horrifying sideshow acts. Try your luck and win a prize, or lose your life. (1997 description)
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up and try your luck! Win a prize or lose your life! Enter the world's most stupendous collection of horrifying games of skill. Come one, come all. Win a prize and take it home to Mummy! (1998 description)
Enter the world's most stupendous collection of horrifying sideshow acts and game of skill. (1999 description)

Midway of the Bizarre was a long-running scarezone in Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, showing up every year from 1995 to 1999, as well as one more reappearance in 2001. It was the first and last scarezone to be located in Amity. The premise of the scarezone was a carnival, with scareactors portraying carnival misfits.


This scarezone provided examples of:

  • Circus of Fear: It was a carnival rather than a circus, but it's the same basic principle.
  • Contortionist: In 1999, one of the performers was a tall contortionist fitting himself into a 3x3x3 cube and remaining in there for some time.
  • Creepy Circus Music: This was a guarantee every year.
  • Monster Clown: As you might expect from a scarezone themed around a carnival, these were a common sight.

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