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Ride / The Mummy

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Navigate the depths of a mysterious Egyptian tomb and face ancient priests who want to make you a permanent resident. (Description)

The Mummy was a haunted house from Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights 1999, located in the Earthquake queue along with Doomsday. It was based on the movie from the same year.

Note that the following description may be inaccurate, as it's only an account with no evidence, and the description of mummified tourists resembles Revenge of the Mummy.

Guests entered the house through a rotting Egyptian temple. The first scene was a corridor with statues of mummy warriors wielding sickles. Some of the warriors came to life, scaring guests. Then, Rick O'Connell jumped out of an alcove warning guests to get out. Afterwards, guests saw some diggers trying to open a door, but instead releasing acidic sands. This scene distracted guests from a warrior mummy scare. Guests then moved into Imhotep's sacrificial chamber, and saw mummy priests tearing out the tongues of unlucky excavators. Next, the guests saw a group of unlucky mummified tourists, just like them. Finally, Imhotep jumped out of a sarcophagus for a final scare.


Besides this description, concept art also shows an embalming room filled with bleeding corpses and a scareactor portraying a priest of Anubis in the process of removing one corpse's internal organs.

The Mummy and its sequel contain examples of:

  • Bloody Horror: The embalming room had blood just about everywhere. The floor, the corpses, the walls...
  • Jump Scare: As in so many Halloween Horror Nights houses.
    • The mummified, khopesh-wielding warriors scared the guests twice.
    • Imhotep himself jumped out of his sarcophagus at the end of the house.
  • Mummy: As you might expect from a house literally called The Mummy, too many to count them all.
  • Sinister Scythe: The sometimes statues, sometimes mummies in the tombs wielded khopeshes.
  • Tongue Trauma: One of the rooms had scareactors getting their tongues torn out.