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Tearjerker / Mobile Suit Gundam

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  • 'Coming Home': What starts out as a heartwarming reunion with his mother, quicly takes a turn for the worst when Amuro shoots a soldier resulting in his mother scolding him. Amuro takes this to mean that his mother doesn't love him anymore. Though they seem to have patched things up by the end of the episode, the last scene of the episode is his mother crying into the distance.
    • 'A Cosmic Glow' makes this even worse when Lalah senses that Amuro has no family in his heart.
    Amuro: What difference does that make?
  • Ryu's death in 'Hatred and Sorrow' definitely counts as this especially with the rest of the crew crying and blaming themselves for it.
    • This goes further in 'The Trap of M'Quve' in which several members of the crew accidentally slip up and tell Ryu to go out and fight before remembering he can't.
  • After Bright has to go to sick bay, Mirai takes over as captain. The only problem is that she isn't qualified for such a position and as a result makes calls that hinder the base more than help it. At the end of it she's a blubbering mess begging for Bright and Ryu to tell her what to do.
  • Poor Miharu. Sure she was a Zeon spy but you can't help but feel bad for her when she realizes the impact of her actions and then when she tries to make things right, she ends up dying.
    • Kai's reaction also qualifies. Seeing this snarky JerkAss go to a crying Broken Bird is just heartbreaking.

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