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Tearjerker / Das Boot

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  • During the depth charge attack, it seems as though the boat is done for. Werner crawls into one of the bunks with a photo from the Chief's ski trip, ready to accept his fate.
  • After the convoy attack, the boat surfaces to see a tanker afloat but ablaze. After the Captain fires a torpedo to finish it off, the officers are horrified to find British sailors still aboard, jumping off in a futile attempt to reach the submarine. Ullmann breaks down into tears as the Captain orders them to back away.
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  • While stuck on the bottom, Werner wakes up to an apologetic Captain mentioning it's been 15 hours since they sank, and he's not sure they'll really fix the boat before their oxygen gives out. Werner then tells the story of how he got the assignment to the boat, and his words quietly and depressively illuminate Truffaut Was Right in a heartbreaking fashion.
  • The ending. The submarine gets back to La Rochelle. Suddenly, a squadron of Allied fighter planes raids the base, bombing and strafing everything in sight. Countless men get killed including some of the U-96 crew. A badly injured Der Alte sees his U-Boot sink at its dock before collapsing, possibly dead, with a helpless Werner at his side. After all they went through, it's one massive tear-jerker.


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