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  • The U-96 attacks an Allied convoy, with the track "U-96" playing.
  • The U-96 is spotted at Gibraltar and immediately hunted down by British planes, ships and vessels, which throw flares on the sea to see it. The submarine meanwhile tries to escape as fast as it can.
    • Then hours later, when the U-96 crew is seemingly doomed to die at the bottom of the sea, they manage to get their shit together. The Chief Engineer fixes the submarine, which then rises back to the surface, and manages to repair the engines with Johann. Then they return to La Rochelle, and the Captain yells at the British who have left the scene a while ago: "They won't catch us this time! Maybe they are in the casino, celebrating our sinking? NOT YET, KAMERADEN, NOT YET!"
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    • Chief Engineer Fritz Grade really deserves special mention: he fixes the submarine solo on the bottom of the sea, on limited oxygen, over 15 hours.
    Fritz: Reporting to the captain. Electric motor fixed. Main pump fixed. Water can be pumped into the tanks then blown out with compressed air. Compass ready. Sonar ready.
    Der Alte: (stares) ...Good, chief. Take a rest now.
    Fritz: Still got a few small problems. *stumbles off and collapses against a bulkhead*
  • While Fridge Logic sets in when you realize you're cheering on the friggin' Kriegsmarine, the convoy attack was quite ballsy, the Captain running the U-96 in on the surface at night; one crewmember even confides that he thinks it's crazy, running in like they're a fast torpedo boat (Schnellboot). They still took out three ships in almost one fell swoop.
  • The Captain refers to the destroyer's detection of them in the first third of the film practically on these terms—even with RADAR onboard, sighting an attack periscope in the middle of a raging North Atlantic storm is still an impressive feat.
  • Werner's time on the boat might be considered one as well. While a complete newbie to submarine ops or even serving on any ship (a NUB or Non-Usable Boy in older US Navy slang), he knows to get the hell out of the way of the conning tower ladder when the "ALARM!" is called (sliding down the fast way). Later, he's actually trusted to act as a lookout/watch-stander, and he actually spots Thomsen's U-boat in the heavy seas. And while stuck on the Gibraltar sea floor in a flooding boat, he even helps out with damage control. For someone who was clearly more of a shore officer, Werner managed to "earn his dolphins" over the course of the patrol.


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