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Heartwarming / Das Boot

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  • The Chief passes the time by breaking out a crossword puzzle, which Werner helps fill in.
  • The interactions between Werner and Ullmann. They bond over their shared experiences in Paris, and Werner promises to get his letters to his girlfriend back to France when it looks like he'll be ordered off the boat before the penetration of Gibraltar.
  • The Captain's interactions with some of the crew in more quiet moments on patrol, such as the morale-boosting talk to the radio operator (and asking him to play his favorite song on the phonograph); it shows the degree of fatherly affection he has for the crew. In the extended TV version, he's even shown cooking potato pancakes for the crew after the first destroyer attack.
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  • The Chief Engineer sharing photos of his wife with Werner. Doubles as Tearjerker when you remember that she's very ill, and Fatal Family Photo may be at play later for him.
  • The Captain quietly congratulating Johann for helping stop the flooding in the boat while it sits on the bottom at Gibraltar, especially since the implication is that it's his redemption after his mental breakdown during the convoy attack.
  • After the Chief Engineer reports that the boat is fixed and ready to surface (after even he thought it might not be possible), the Captain has only this to say after he leaves: "All you need is good men."
  • When the U-96 finally levels off and begins to surface from the sea bed, the crew cheers in relief and excitement.
  • Though it's revealed during a Tearjerker scene, the knowledge that the Captain tried to get Werner and the Chief Engineer off the boat before the Gibraltar mission to keep them from dying in a suicidal run.

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