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Tear Jerker / Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The scene where Ja'far has to say goodbye to his pregnant wife as his sultan kidnaps her for his harem. He tries to protect her, but in response, he gets a whipping and his land reform bill is ignored. Ja'far comes close to rebelling against the Sultan and committing treason, because "She's my wife, dammit!" Scheherezade begs him not to throw his life away because the city needs him. She tells him his story is to be a wise vizier who will protect the people and gives him her scarab necklace, reminding him the story of the two lovers: "We will be reunited one day, and unlock wonders beyond your wildest dreams!"
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  • The Parrot in this version is Ja'far's Tragic Keepsake from his wife, along with her necklace. And the bird doesn't even appreciate him.
  • During "If I Believed," you can see a single tear run down Ja'far's cheek. That one tear hits the feels, hard.
    • "Science says you're dead and gone forever. Reason says I'm talking to the air. But something in my heart, some secret hidden part, illogically insists that you are there..."
    • "First I lost her to the Sultan. Then I lost her to heaven."
  • Ja'far for the first time ever allows himself to be selfish: he wants to use the d'jinn to bring his wife back from the dead and "turn back the sands of time". Only, we know he can't succeed at that because rule three is no reviving the dead.
  • His Adult Fear when the Captain of the Guard announces the Princess has run away. Especially when we learn later on that he is her actual father. His fears that she's in a creep's hands prove valid when the next scene reveals Aladdin "rescued" the Princess from a marketplace vendor.
  • Dylan himself tears up by the end of the title song.
    • "Let them twist my words, let the people scorn me! Who cares if no one will ever mourn me?"
  • Happy tears at the ending, when Ja'far and Sherrezade are finally reunited for all eternity.
    Sherrezade: I always said one-thousand and one nights wasn't enough!
  • Most of the true Disney villains' backstories. Particularly Scar, who lost his cubs and saw his people turn into racists.
  • In "The Power In Me":
    Ja'far: You are kind, and that's enough.
    Princess: You're a diamond in the rough.
  • The Princess attempts to make her third wish that Ja'far can stay and be her advisor forever, only for Ja'far to do an unexpected Cerebus Callback to the original film ("There are some provisos, a few quid pro quos").
    • Doubles as a Fridge Tearjerker when you realize that's what the original Djinn must've told him about resurrecting his wife.
  • Ja'far's utter devastation when he learns the other viziers really are completely corrupt and only interested in making themselves rich at the expense of the common folk.
  • As kind and well meaning as Ja'far is, all of the townsfolk hate him and blame him for literally everything including the sun going down at night. Made worse by the fact he used to be beloved by the peasantry.


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