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Heartwarming / Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Ja'far and Sherrezade's entire relationship is practically the definition of Heartwarming Moments. They compliment each other perfectly, make the other happier just by being present, and remain completely loyal to one another even, in Sherrezade's case, in death.
    • Ja'far and Sherrezade's ultimate reunion and Big Damn Kiss.
      • "I always said a thousand and one nights wasn't enough!"
    • "A Thousand and One Nights" is simply adorable.
    • Really, the fact that they get engaged within ten minutes of meeting and it still works and is genuinely touching speaks volumes about their relationship, as well as Dylan Saunders and Meredith Stepien's chemistry and acting abilities.
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  • Ja'far's continued efforts to help the Princess become a better person despite herself. Becomes more so when he's revealed to be her real father.
  • The Princess realizes that she doesn't want Ja'far to leave when Ja'far gives up his humanity to save her life and becomes a d'jinn. She tries to wish for him to stay with her; when that fails, she wishes him to have all the happiness he could have in the Tiger-Head cave, and calls him a "diamond in the rough".
  • Omar giving the boy who stole from him a job after Ja'far convinces him not to cut off his hand.
  • After Ja'far sentences Aladdin to death, the Princess pouts and refuses to speak to him... until he says "fine" and starts to walk off, at which point she immediately asks where he's going and tells him not to leave. Ja'far's reaction indicates this is exactly what he expected, and he immediately sits down with her so they can actually talk about their issues. It's a moment that feels very close to a real parent-child relationship.
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  • As hilarious as the whole "a song is a dick in sheep's clothing" conversation is, Ja'far is saying it with a sincere desire to protect the Princess from creepy guys who will only take advantage of her... like Aladdin. And, as we see in the rest of the scene, it actually goes through! The Princess specifically says that Aladdin isn't so bad, since it's not like he's singing or anything — and when he does start singing, she immediately looks worried, showing that she really did listen to Ja'far and is keeping his advice in mind. Even better, it's at this point in the show when the Princess finally starts to realize Aladdin's a bit of a creep and is apparently uncomfortable around him — meaning that Ja'far's lecture meant to help the Princess stay on-guard against predators actually worked!
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  • In a darkly hilarious way, the Head Guard telling the young guard who died thanks to Aladdin's antics that they apprehended the thief so he can die happy, before cradling him in his arms and closing his eyes.
  • During the otherwise Tear Jerker of a song, "If I Believed", Ja'far insists he "must be pretty great" if Sherrezade believed in him.
  • The Captain "blaming" Ja'far for everyone getting a happy ending.
    Captain: So many great things are happening! This is all Ja'far's fault.
  • Despite how ridicule and angry he is about about continually misunderstanding the tiger attack on him, Achmed’s soldiers and his people clearly adore him. Their song boasts about him and they say they love him just the way they are; even their chant of ‘Tiger F’er’, they treat it as something he should be proud of.

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