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  • In "The Samurai Always Wins," Miles Edgeworth calls out Phoenix for badgering a child. Hearing him come to Cody's defense is pretty heartwarming.
    Wright, you dunce, stop this at once,
    You're badgering a child—I won't allow it!
    Cease these accusations please,
    This questioning is wild!

    Wright, you fool, this kid's in school,
    You treat him like a thug—have you no mercy?
    Stop wasting this courtroom's time
    And quit acting so smug.

    Wright, don't bluff, that's quite enough,
    Now cease this reprimand—OBJECTION!
    A small child alone in court
    You cannot understand!
    • It becomes a Tear Jerker when you realize that Edgeworth is recalling his own childhood experience. He himself was a "small child alone in court" after the death of his father.
    • In the same song, Will Powers' verse falls somewhere between a CMoH and a Tear Jerker
    I don't mind
    If I'm jailed downtown.
    I just don't want to
    Let all the kiddies down.

    If I go,
    Promise me one thing:
    No kids know
    'Bout this merciless killing...
  • The Phoenix Wright Musical Project community itself is one big Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - the friendships developed through the project shine through when you watch e.g. the Colorado sessions on YouTube (where many of the principal cast members came together in Real Life and recorded videos of themselves acting out several songs), and the thanks that play over the Overture on the highlights CD are amazingly heartfelt.

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