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Tear Jerker / Tremors

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  • In the first film, the tragic deaths of Edgar, old man Fred, the doctor, his wife, and Walter are all very sad to one degree or another. Oddly enough, it's Nestor's death (and more importantly Melvin's reaction) that really hits you in the gut. Melvin's tearful pleas sure help.
    • Even harsher if you don't know Melvin's last name from subsequent movies. If all you've seen is the original, it's unclear whether the boy might be related to Nestor, but whether he is or not, Melvin, who's at most in his mid teens, just watched a man he has likely known his entire life just be murdered and eaten by a monstrous creature. Scrappy he may be, but one can't help feeling sorry for him as he breaks down into panicked sobs and screams.
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  • Miguel's death in the third movie, especially since he was one of the lucky ones who survived the original Graboid invasion.
  • The Reveal in the second film that Burt's wife, Heather, left him. It's mostly Played for Laughs, but Burt is clearly depressed by the situation and is pretty clearly trying to hide his feelings under a tough facade.
  • Earl is pretty messed up in the second film, having seen so many of his friends die, Val leave him behind when he got married, and living in fear of the Graboids return.
  • Burt's situation in the start of Tremors 6: in earlier sequels, the one thing that kept Burt relatively anchored was the fact he had something approaching kindred spirits in the other denizens of Perfection, who were similarly tough, independent and bloody-minded enough that they chose to live in the middle of nowhere with dangerous man-eating giant worms for local wildlife because it would let them be free. Well, this film starts with a stark case of Reality Ensues: all those spirited and endearingly crazy locals have given up and drifted out of town (or, presumably, been eaten), leaving just Burt and his son alone in the middle of nowhere, living in what used to be the town grocery store, surrounded by memories of better times. For an added punch, we're told that Burt's merchandising and videos and all his other profit-generators have dried up, so he's facing imminent foreclosure by the IRS. It's truly a sad sight to see the series' most memorable and iconic character reduced to this husk of himself.

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